Reflection of Fall ’13

It’s been awhile since I have been home for the holidays for more than a week. To be exact, I’m be home for 2.5 weeks. I had plans to go on a trip to Japan and South Korea, but my friend bailed on me due to lack of funds. We then planned to do a Montreal trip, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen either since my mom lined me up for a bunch of appointments. My eyesight has been particularly unstable in these past few weeks (sometimes I feel like I can’t ever get Lasik because I work in front of a laptop 24/7).

I’ve spent most of my break so far catching up with high school friends (our annual Secret Santa), watching movies and dramas, and cleaning/organizing my belongings at home. You really end up with a ton of clutter after living on and off every 4 months. You can’t bring everything with you when you move far away, and you always end up bringing more when you come back. I also started doing this thing where I keep all my receipts or significant cool pamphlets I get every term in separate folders. These folders were getting really unorganized in the past couple terms due to lack of time (because when I do have the time, I’d rather be doing other things).

More specifically, I’ve accumulated a huge wardrobe. I’m not even high on the shopaholic standards. I just buy clothing when I feel like I need it, based on my current wardrobe. The problem with this is that I only have a partial wardrobe at all times (when I’m living off campus or renting a place for co-op). This makes it difficult for me to remember whether I already had a ton of white tops, for example. Now it isn’t as bad for school terms, but it really sucks for co-op terms in the States. I am way, way more limited in the partial wardrobe I can bring. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to fit all the clothing I want to bring for next term.

Speaking of next term – I’ll be in SF again, work term #5 at Rdio. I had a tough time deciding where to go because (if you didn’t read my last blog post) I really wanted to return to FB (or specifically Instagram). I originally decided that I would be happier to return for the Fall (of 2014) instead of the Winter as there will be potentially more returning interns (or new grads) that I already know. I also didn’t really want to be in the Peninsula again for Winter as I prefer SF, and I didn’t want to do a long commute either (FB gives housing to interns or a stipend if you want to live in SF). I almost slightly regret choosing Rdio even now, simply because I really miss my coworkers back at IG. They were extremely hard-working, fun people to be with 8 hours a day. I wasn’t able to properly appreciate and thank them due to a family member passing away around the end of my internship. Thinking back, I really appreciated the experience and the opportunity to meet awesomely talented people. Continue reading


San Francisco & Lookout

I’ve been in San Francisco for less than 3 days, and I already love it! The weather is amazing, and there’s so much to do and see. I’m staying around Union Square, which is a very busy part of the Bay area. Herbert Hotel isn’t the greatest, but definitely suits my needs.

I actually left Canada while it was warm (about -10 celcius = 14 fahrenheit), and now it’s a Real Feel of -30 celsius = -22 fahrenheit. I don’t think people who live near the equator can even imagine negative weather, but that’s extremely cold! I’m glad I can escape it for 4 months.

Today was my first day of work at a company called Lookout. I was seated near the back, beside the windows. Beautiful view from the 4th floor btw. A lot of setup, administrative, and HR stuff happened for me today, also met a lot of faces which I will hopefully pin down the names to within these next few months. So the first gift that I received at work was about 2 dozen cupcakes for me to have and share with my co-workers, as they greeted me throughout the day. They were extremely delicious and it’s too bad I was very full from my lunch – because I would have finished the rest of them!

I enjoy the work environment already, so far it seems very similar to my previous co-op term in terms of how people communicate and how open we are. I am still unsure about what I’ll be working on, to be honest I am willing to work on anything as long as I am learning something :) Loving my Macbook Pro, even though it is a little on the large side I think I will manage.

Soon to have an Atrix for my personal and work use – they let me choose which phone I preferred… My mom would have told me to get an iPhone, others the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus… well I just wanted an Android Phone that had decent specs that could fit in my hand. which is not any phone that has screen size greater than 4.1″. Maybe I should have gotten an iPhone, but the fact that I already have an iPod touch (that I already frequently use) already let me cross out that choice. So yes, it was the Atrix.

Hoping I am able to blog more given the increased amount of free time I’ll have this term!