Blog Overhaul

After some thinking, I’ve decided that I’ll be conducting an overhaul for this blog in the near future – either use of a new theme and cleaning up past posts, or starting a new one hosted elsewhere. I bought a domain name today, but haven’t decided on a host yet. In the past year or so, I’ve been using WordPress more as a blog than a website, since it makes more sense to direct people to my GitHub to see my projects, and my LinkedIn to see my work experience, but WP is a bit bloated as it’s template based and I am looking for a more minimalist style. This is what I wanted when I started originally (over 2 years ago now), but beautifully designed blogging platforms have emerged since then and I’m considering a switch.

WP has really awesome dashboards, and has great mobile support (holo style on Android is looking awesome) but

  1. The commenting system is a bit sub-par. I am considering removal of comments altogether so questions can be directed to my email or twitter instead.
  2. It’s also a bit troublesome when I want to update a past post because there’s a mix of old and new information, and again, comments make it a bit awkward too. It’s a bit easier when I can just make a brand new post, but I can end up writing repetitive content.
  3. Attaching media requires too many steps so I never end up doing it. This is really bad for people who don’t like reading walls of text. I need something more lightweight.
  4. My content is starting to become disorganized. I wish there was an easier way to bulk update tags I have on all of my posts so I can categorize them better (there’s probably support for it on but not It also becomes awkward when I don’t even remember half the content I posted way back when, because most of my posts are pages long so I’m not willing to go back and give myself a refresher.

I’ve had blogs in the past that were completely about my experiences, rather than about giving advice or writing meaningful content, and that’s something I miss doing – I just don’t want it to get cluttered in my more informative posts. I am thinking of having separate pages that keep these types of posts separate, or some similar system with tags.

If anyone has suggestions on which blogging platform I should use, let me know. I’m planning to get things done in a couple weeks the latest, but in the meanwhile, I will give an updated insight on the current state of the CS and SE programs because I know university application deadlines are coming up in a separate post (look above).