A Random Blurb

A couple things:

1. I wonder if Canadian elections will ever be as exciting as this year’s US election. I was actually of age to vote this year, and did so through mail. Made my mark. Woot woot. TBH I’m not huge into politics, but I do stay informed from time to time. It’s just not as riled up in Canada for some reason, I guess either people are very happy for what they have or people are simply misinformed/uninterested. It’s really unfortunate, but that’s what our country has become..

2. Reddit is awesome. It’s such a huge, supportive community, but at the same time, a great place to let go of any stress and laugh my head off. Can’t believe I’ve been missing out on it for so long (I’ve been a long time user on various community forums, all fairly small).

3. Freshbooks is an amazing place to work. I’ve never been around so many friendly coworkers, attending fun events, and at the same time, also learning a ton of cool+interesting things on the dev side.

Here’s us for Halloween (I think at least half the office participated):

Yup, the company takes Halloween pretty seriously. What I really like about Freshbooks is that everyone is invited to everything. If someone’s having a birthday dinner, the whole company is invited (we took over a Korean restaurant a few weeks ago, there were 40 of us). We have movie nights weekly and poker nights biweekly.

Oh, and as a Freshbooks employee, you will definitely improve your ping pong skills. Think I spent an hour and a half playing it last Friday..

4. Watched a couple movies this week.

Transamerica – Watched for Felicity Huffman. Omg. Her role in this movie is just soOooo very different from her role in Desperate Housewives. I dunno why they made her tone of voice be so expressionless in this movie, it bothered me a little bit, but I guess it was just the character they were trying to achieve. I really enjoyed the story line and character development. The movie is mostly about self discovery, and I really liked that the two main characters basically travelled the country while talking about life, running into random situations, dealing with their car getting stolen, them meeting the parents who disapprove of his gender change. Felicity did a great job :)

Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – Rated very low on Imdb, I really enjoyed the movie. Had no expectations going in. I thought it was pretty cute to include a crazy woman on the island, along with Simon’s personality change. Had some great character development (the whole stuck on an island situation seems to be a personality changer — or it just makes people go crazy). Had a little trouble making out the words whenever they broke into song (non-covers), but overall they did a great job with the movie.

New Office Space & Other Ramblings.

I was planning to finish some things up for work, but ended up using my battery life to Skype certain people (did not bring the charger home). So instead I will ramble about random things and our new office space.

I watched Missions Impossible 4 this weekend, and I actually really enjoyed it. I’m not an action movie person, and I actually haven’t watched a real action movie in a few months. I usually get bored and maybe fall asleep in action movies, but this one was just filmed wonderfully! My friends expected more, but I wasn’t really expecting anything – so I guess it was worth my 12ish USD.

So lately when I get free time, I play CityVille Hometown and Sims. These types of “5min quickie” games have really spiked popularity. And I admit – they’re pretty addicting. Not in the sense of WoW or SC or Skyrim. You click around to update the status of your city or farm or character, and you go do other things. Then come back an hour or 2 later after you get more energy. It gets pretty fun actually. Some games require you to have active friends though – especially CityVille Web. It gets difficult waiting for people to accept your Help Requests. So far I am really enjoying Hometown – currently being worked on by my ex-company. It’s a pretty smooth interface (although it does crash from time to time – usually when trying to visit neighbors), and does not require that many active users. They are a lot more reasonable with the Quests, and they guide you to purchase the right things and build the right things at the correct stage the player is at.

In other news, today was Day 1 at the new office. It. is. beautiful. It is super spacious, and because I asked to move closer to my team, I’ve been temporarily seated beside a window. I get to see the lovely view of downtown SF from the 27th floor =) For day 1 (and only day 1) we got free breakky on our social, loungy area on the 26th floor. I just love the way our office is spread out and how many extra conference rooms, and seating areas there are for quick chats. I think I’ll definitely be able to settle in now, especially because the lighting is a lot better – although around noon the sun does tend to glare into the room.

I was also finally able to start real work today doing Android Client things. I’m currently looking into a location services bug, while I familiarize myself with the app and the code. Last week I was given a small quickie project that related to WordPress. I find it ironic because I barely started using WordPress a few months ago. Through the project I was able to learn about WordPress itself, and its premium features. ie. the Custom CSS. Without hosting your blog on a server, you are very limited to what you can do to the appearance of your blog. Found that out the hard way. I also have never worked with CSS. I mean, I knew of its existance, I knew some super basic stuff that people usually learn when first learning HTML, but that was about it. I do like that I get to interact with design, although I don’t think I should be given the responsibility for the design of something that will be public. Especially due to my lack of expertise. I am getting another colleague’s help, and hopefully the project will be done quick and be out of the way.

Also received more Lookout swag today. Unfortunately I do not think they have Womens sizes for the hoodies – and maybe that’s why I have yet to see the ladies wear them. The tshirt is shoulder-fitted and comfy, though. I’m also hoping to receive my smartphone tomorrow or Wednesday from the company. I will finally be able to keep in touch with people, without worrying about roaming fees.

This Friday, there is a Kpop Power Concert that will feature T-ara, Davichi, and Yangpa. The location is actually 15min ish walk from my current home. I am tempted to go simply because I have never gone to a Kpop concert, but the downside is that I don’t have anyone to go with (as I am pretty sure the other Waterloo interns are not huge kpop fans — I could be wrong though!). Also, I am not actually a huge fan of T-ara. I love Davichi though, and Yangpa is pretty new to me. Apparently she was an older solo ballad artist who just made her comeback. So yes, I’m not sure if the >= $65 will be worth it.