2 thoughts on “Choosing Electives – Engineering Student Perspective

  1. Hi Aimango! It’s me again! You said it’s always better to clear out the Impact courses as early as possible, but I see a lot of STV courses and random ones under List-A. Are they really that hard? I almost picked SPCOM 223 for my 3A term but I don’t plan to take it anymore because it’s not a scoring one, you need to be a really good speaker to get even 80s I heard so. Might as well take an English course online to fulfil that requirement then. But for 3A, do you recommend taking an impact course or communication?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey there!

      Impact courses aren’t too difficult, they just require a bit more work compared to other electives. 3A is known as a tough term, but it does not necessarily correlate to poor grades. People tend to get higher marks in courses like CS 349 and CS 350 since the major projects are worth a high percentage of your final mark, and most people do well in them. The issue is just that the projects require a lot of work, which is why I recommend a course that doesn’t involve too much work but not necessarily a bird course.

      So I would recommend taking a communication course or a List C course in 3A since those tend to involve less work.

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