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  1. Love the new look of the site. I almost have the same courses as you did this term! (ECE). Currently slaving over jobmine stuff, but at least we get pdfs this year haha.

  2. Hi,
    Your blog is really informative, especially for prospective SE students, so keep it up. I’m going to SE this Fall (already accepted my offer and really stoked about it :) ), but I have a few questions and hope that you can help me with it.
    1. Do you have any recommendation for laptop?
    2. How do you take notes in class? pen & paper or tablet ?

    Thank you. Hope to see you in Waterloo :)

    • Hi there, congrats on your acceptance!

      So in terms of laptops, I recommend getting something lightweight. Many of my classmates have converted to Macbook Airs or ultrabooks. They last 5+ hours. This is important because you will be at school for at least 6 hours a day during first year. You will regret having to carry around a heavy laptop, and don’t forget many laptops only last 2-3 hours so you would need to bring your charger around too. There are some heavier laptops out there that have decent battery life that you can consider (Macbook Pros can last 4-5 hours, same with ThinkPads). If you have room to be picky, get as much ram as you can (8 gigs makes a difference), and at least get an i5 core.

      When deciding on screen size, I think that 13″ is perfect. Get an external monitor if anything. Window vs Mac: doesn’t matter, really. You can still do all of your assignments on either, but I prefer Mac.

      Taking notes – I think I covered that in a recent blog post. 2 of my courses contain frequent diagram drawing so I take written notes, and 3 of my other courses either never have diagrams, or profs use slides to present the lecture, so I just type my notes out. I have been using annotations to insert notes directly onto pdf slides so that I don’t need to map it from a word doc, so it’s much easier to study off of. Taking notes on a tablet takes some getting used to, and is a great alternative if you don’t want to take out a laptop.

      Good luck with everything, I’ll be seeing you in Sept :)

      • Beside screen size.. resolution and ratio are important… For coding, an old school IBM ThinkPad (4:3 ratio) @ 200 bucks will give you a perfect experience…

        • I agree screen resolution is important, although most people have a desktop as a main machine or connect to external monitor anyway. If there is a limit on price, then Macbook is probably not an option.

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