Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

I’m trying to make up for my lack of punctual daily posts. So I’ve decided to do my 2012 in photos, inspired from this Daily Post. Just for background purposes, I LOVE taking photos. I only have a point-and-shoot, but it satisfies my needs. The quality is more than enough. Anyways, here we go –

jan122View of San Francisco & Golden Gate Bridge from peak of Buena Vista park

Ah, yes. Sunny San Francisco is where I started my 2012. My work term #2. I didn’t have to deal with Canadian winter, and it was surprisingly amazing weather throughout my stay (apparently, it is usually cloudy and rainy during winter in SF).

andMy first Android phone – Motorola Atrix, Lookout Mobile Security, SF.

My first time using a smartphone w/ a full out 2Gig data plan. I became a lot more aware of social networks like 4sq and Path, and it was so much easier to explore the city with this device. Thanks Lookout!

feb12Me & Clara C at Union Square, SF.

I saw Clara C perform for a bit in Union Square (a 2 minute walk from where I was staying). She has a very bubbly personality and is extremely talented.

apr122Cherry blossom trees, Japantown.

It was also my first time viewing cherry blossom trees in full bloom. There was a huge Cherry blossom festival parade. Lots of cosplay went on.

feb1222View of Berkeley & the Bay from The Big C

We took a trip to UC Berkeley. Beautiful campus (although nothing is worst that Waterloo ;] ).

apr12Me and Ice Cream Sandwich. Google, Mountain View.

Of course I had to visit some tech companies. Google has an Android building with huge sized versions of all of the Android platforms in the front yard. I also got to visit Twitter, Zynga, Tagged, & LinkedIn during my time in SF.

june12Mango milk tea with mango stars. Campus Bubble, University of Waterloo

So of course, having to be in school during the summer sucks. Luckily there are still awesome treats to keep my sweet tooth happy.

jul12Chocolate ice cream waffles, William’s Coffee Pub, Waterloo.

jul122Canada Day fireworks, Columbia Lake, Waterloo.

Celebrating the 1st of July, there was a big turnout for Columbia Lake festivities.

aug12Unofficial 2NE1 glowsticks. Thanks YGLadies

I went to my first K-pop concert in August. It was a girl group called 2NE1 (actually my favourite!). There were some delays and disorganization, but overall I had a great time.

sep12A Mediocre view of downtown Toronto 

My work term #3 was in Toronto. Luckily, a bunch of my Waterloo friends were also in Toronto for co-op, so there was never a lonely weekend.

sept12Swag from the Grace Hopper Conference.

During early October, I went to an amazing women in tech conference. I met some very inspiring individuals, and received some really awesome swag from various sponsoring companies (incl. lip balm, shades, sleeping masks, flashlights, mirrors, usb mouse, & more..)

oct12Tetris  Halloween costumes – the entire Distributions team, Freshbooks

We take our Halloween costumes very seriously. I was in the square Tetris with my coworker. We had to walk in sync (quite a challenge!).

nov12Movember chocolate.

I was delightfully surprised by our amount of Movember fundraising events at my company. From Monte Carlo, to food drives, to bake sale.. it really got me involved with my coworkers, and I loved it.

raptorsMy first NBA Game (Raptors vs Nets), Air Canada Centre.

The Raptors lost, but I enjoyed watching the game. It’s more entertaining than baseball, for sure.

dec12Strawberry Santas.

And then Christmas came along. I watched Love Actually exactly 5 weeks before Christmas with my coworkers. We practiced carolling twice a week. Again, tons of events. It was great.

decc12Purple Christmas tree, Sweet Dreams Teashop, Waterloo. 

This tree blew my mind. Obviously it’s fake, but it stood out!

So that was my 2012. I enjoyed skimming through and picking out my favorite moments (although there were many more). Many events happened this year, I learned a lot, met a ton of people, & tried a lot of new things. I had two work terms, so things were pretty slack. 2013 will be a hard-working year. I’m hoping to focus on school and maintaining current friendships – looking forward to it!


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