Boxing Day Madness.

Or lack thereof?

I went to the mall today, and it was really empty. Maybe it’s because I live in a university town and it’s actually a huge impact on how crowded it is. Maybe it’s because local peeps went off to Toronto for the better variety of stores. I’m sure it’s supposed to be a lot more crowded during Boxing Week (many deals were still going on).

The other major factor into all of this is the fact that you can buy stuff online reliably now. So why bother getting dressed, driving to the nearest mall, finding a parking spot, walking around for hours? I guess some people still enjoy physically shopping. Plus, usually you’re with a group of people when you shop at the mall. Online shopping mostly means browsing by yourself.

Oh well, I enjoyed my peaceful and stress-free shopping today. I spent a total of $34:

  • $30 $20 lavender cardigan (Old Navy)
  • $10 $6 tuque (Smart Set)
  • $8 $5 gloves (Smart Set)
  • $2 tweezers + $1 shipping (Garage)

I was extremely tempted to buy 4-5 tops from Jacob (which would all be ~$25 each after savings), but I resisted the temptation.

The whole notion of big savings gets to people. You can save anywhere between 30-70% on clothing, appliances, electronics, etc. during Boxing Week but in the end, you are still spending loads of money. I guess for people who are actually in need of a new TV, waiting for Boxing Week is worth it, but otherwise, think reasonably before you go on a shopping spree.

I feel that online shopping has also affected the amount of good sales and deals in-store for Boxing Week in the past few years. I haven’t seen a lot of great deals this year, either. I walked into a Costa Blanca today, and they had ‘50%-80% off’ signs on every rack, but nothing was actually on sale except the typical racks that are always ~50% off. It’s really too bad.