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I’ve compiled all my Waterloo prospective students related blog posts and will update this list in the future, as well:

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8 thoughts on “Waterloo Prospective Students

  1. Greetings, I’m just posting to inform you that the “SoftEng @ Waterloo – Courses” link is broken. Thanks for the informative blog btw. :)

  2. Hello! Your blog was really helpful, great job!
    I’ll mostly be confirming SE and starting at Waterloo this Fall. I’m a girl too and I had a few questions regarding co-op.
    Is it hard to shift to and fro wherever you get your co-op? How do you find accommodation there? Does the company pay/provide your transport/residence?
    My family currently resides in Dubai which is really far away from Waterloo. So would it possible for me to visit them at least once a year?
    Also are there many international students in SE? Any indians? How about the number of girls, has it increased since your batch
    Hope it’s not very long and thanks! :)

    • Hi there!
      Yeah, it can be a nuisance travelling back and forth every 4 months. It’s still tough for me to “pack light”, haha, but I’m getting used to it. You usually get a 2 week buffer between each term to see friends/family and then settle in your next city. Accommodations usually involves looking through Kijiji. Waterloo also has a housing website that students go look through. There is also a very active Housing facebook group for Waterloo students that is very helpful. The resources are abundant, and if anything, you can always ask HR representatives at your co-op placement to help out if you are not able to travel to your co-op city to look at places.

      Companies normally do not pay for transportation and housing. There are some big companies out there that WILL do such a thing simply because they have the money for it – especially if they already give the perks to their full time employees. It is very common for companies in Silicon Valley to do this because it is actually really tough to find short-term housing in the area.

      Yes you will be able to visit family (as I mentioned earlier), unless you end up having your exams end on the very last examination date causing a lack of time (although not common for engineering). A ton of people still do it though!

      There are quite a few international students in my class, yes we have a good amount of Indians (or I guess I would bulk them into the “brown people” racial classification, if you don’t mind my ignorance :P) It’s probably a good 25%. The amount of girls have definitely been increasing in the past couple years, which is great!

      By the way, you might want to join the 2018 SE Facebook group (if you haven’t already) to meet some of your future classmates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/541785909187705/

      • Ahh.. Thank you for all the information, the process seems much more clearer now :) It’s a huge relief to know about the two week buffer period!
        I did join the 2018 SE Facebook group but I couldn’t find anyone in the batch of 2018, all of them are seniors I believe. That’s why I was worried about the number of girls this year :P
        I did want to find someone to room with but so far my search has proved unfruitful. Did you know your roommates beforehand? Also, do you have any suggestions on how to get in touch with the female engineering students?

        • Yeah the group is filled with upper years wanting to help out. Unfortunately not a lot of people know about the Facebook group and probably won’t join until frosh week. I know Waterloo provides a link to a prospective students forum which is also a great location to search for roommates. You still have a month or 2 to find roommates so I wouldn’t worry yet (plus not everyone has accepted their offers yet).

          I did not know my roommates beforehand. I found them through that forum I mentioned. None of them were engineers (1 was CS, 1 was AFM, 1 was Arts). We ended up becoming really close and are great friends to this day. I definitely recommend continuing to be assertive and find roommates through the Facebook groups or the forum. Nowadays the Facebook groups system has vastly improved since my frosh days, so I’m pretty sure everyone will be using them more than the forum. Once you have a @uwaterloo.ca email, you will be able to join a related group for Frosh 2018 and have better luck in finding roommates via here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/groupsatwaterloo/.

          Good luck!

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