So I’ve decided to participate in the DPChallenge, meaning I will try to make a blog post everyday for the next 7 days! Hopefully I can find enough topics to talk about before I start talking about random things (like the post I made on Saturday.. haha).

In the Daily Post, there’s quite a bit of mention on procrastination, and encouraging us to overcome it!

Usually I associate procrastination with homework and studying, getting started on things ahead of time, etc. But this applies to other things such as – motivating yourself to work out regularly, eating healthy, putting in the effort to apply to those scholarships or awesome summer internships or volunteer opportunities, etc!

The funny thing is, most people see me as the opposite of a procrastinator. I seem to be a very opportunistic person. I attend conferences, I volunteer, I make useful/inspiring blog posts (for younger people, and even my peers, apparently!), and I apply to a bunch of scholarships. I ain’t bragging, but the thing is, I didn’t come this far by myself. I feel that all along, my mother has pushed me far enough to do this kind of stuff.

My mom put me in summer camp, swimming, figure skating, etc. as a kid. She encouraged me to go into choir and take piano & visual art classes. She put me in leadership camps (which I never really like, haha).

Let me tell you current and future parents, doing this for your kids will make them less lazy! Even IF they complain, eventually, they will find at least one activity they enjoy. I have a lot of friends I know since childhood who never did summer camp. On average, they are more lazy and less willing to take on leadership opportunities than those who have done summer camp or been taken to extracurriculars like sports, arts, etc. (made up statistic, but it’s empirically true!)

Now that I’m in university, I found it a little harder to manage school and extra opportunities, so I left a lot of the extra stuff to my co-op terms and time off. I found that balance.

I still procrastinate though. It’s really tough to find the inspiration to start doing things you haven’t done before. For example, I’ve baked cookies before, but I did it with a group of friends. I would never in a million years start baking by myself FOR myself. So of course, I decided to bake mini cupcakes for a special someone’s birthday. And they LOVED them in the end! (I spent an extra 2 hours than estimated time figuring it all out..)

It’s also easy to get lazy when dealing with a difficult task. i.e. studying for an exam you know you won’t do well in, because the prof is crazy and you know 50% of the class will fail. Or doing an assignment where you know you will need to ask a billion questions from the top student in the class, or contact a TA/prof. But you gotta do what you gotta do to succeed.

So it’s all about inspiration and setting goals! Don’t just sit on your butt and do the regular routine. Step out of your game, carpe diem!


3 thoughts on “Procrastination.

  1. I agree. I procrastinate a lot myself. I always say “i am too busy” with my job to have time for anything else. Well, i am busy, but i can always take out time. Like just now. And one of my resolution for 2013 is to do something new!

  2. Yes i did – and i also joined the DP challenge – post one post everyday, for a week. So far i have kept up my part of the bargain!

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