Tylenol Cough Works Wonders

I started getting a really scratchy + sore throat last weekend from a karaoke night. I took some Cold FX from time to time to keep my immune system going, but my throat was completely broken after Tues night (went to a small xmas gathering and had some beverages, talked loudly, etc). So this was a horrible thing because I was going to go carolling on Thursday afternoon.

I decided to head over to Shoppers and look around. Chose Tylenol Cough. Every time I get a cough, I don’t really know what to take. I either just tank it, take lots of Halls, or have some Triaminic (what I took as a kid). Man, I can’t believe I didn’t discover Tylenol earlier. It got rid of my sore throat by Thurs morning. And I didn’t have to take any after the morn, my voice was fine after that. Fast relief ftw.