The Real Summer Vacation

Exams ended about 3 weeks ago, and I’ve finally decided to make a new blog post. I finally had the chance to enjoy my summer!

Here’s a run-down on what I’ve been up to:

-watching a lot of Youtube, anime, reality TV shows
-family time
-boyfriend time
-a trip to New York & New Jersey
-attending the 2NE1 New Evolution Concert
-finally purchasing my Macbook Air
-getting my wisdom teeth extracted
-moving to Toronto
-recovering from my wisdom teeth removal
-getting akin with the various social networks out there
-taking advantage of the free online courses out there

Yes.. the things one can do without the worry of an assignment, test, or exam. This blog post will be bursts of random moments based on the run-down above… I apologize in advanced if it is hard to follow : )

So I watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood – the full series. Well actually, I started it back in 2009 when it was first being played in Japan, but likely discontinued due to my keener hard-working nature for wanting to achieve high grades (it was around university applications season). So I watched episodes 20-64 recently. Wonderful series, and I’m so happy I finally completed it! Definitely deserves a 10/10 for plot, character development, music, fan service, and all that jazz. I’m feeling lazy so I won’t do a full review. But I’ll say that I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice seinen series (aka. an anime that has some adult themes to it, some controversies here and there).

I also haven’t spent actual time with my family since last Christmas due to my co-op in San Francisco, and the short transition to my spring school term. So I have been at home for the most part, helping my mom do some late spring cleaning since her arm isn’t doing well. Although I’m always out and about, I still call Kitchener my home. : )

So the 2NE1 concert was the purpose of our NY/NJ trip. It was quite a blast. (Pic above taken from their official FB Page) Despite the constant thunderstorm reports, there were none (whenever we were outdoors, at least). My first K-pop concert, and definitely not my last! I was so glad that I got to hear pretty much all of my favourite songs from them, and see them on stage. 2NE1, my favourite k-pop group, we will meet again : )

I have also been slowly packing to move to Toronto these past few weeks for my next co-op work term. I moved in yesterday in my new apartment. Very exciting stuff. Most of my classmates have started work, but I don’t start until Wednesday next week (cause that’s how Freshbooks rolls!) It’s a very spacious room, with a private washroom. The nice thing is that everything is newly renovated. It’s my first time living in a room with hardwood flooring (I like it so far!) The only issue with this room is that there is very little air circulation (no A/C in the building), but I believe I figured out how to adjust the temperature via the balcony door and the fan.

I spent the whole afternoon at Indigo (a Canadian bookstore) today reading a manga called Dangeki Daisy (image above taken from MyAnimeList). I didn’t see any of the manga I’ve been following, but decided to give this one a try. It turned out to be a wonderful shoujo manga, and I am almost complete (had to leave since it was soon to be closing time). It actually has some dark concepts to it, which makes it worth the read. Unfortunately, I believe it is being put on hiatus, so I’ll have to wait awhile for its continuation. Sat on the base of a bookshelf reading it, and now my butt is sore. There were no chairs available since there are many people like me, who sit around for hours and read at the bookstore.

Prior to this, I made my first $100 jean purchase at Jean Machine. I had a 10 dollar off 30 for the store, but was really planning to just look and and not buy. Turns out that the sales associate was very sociable and easy to get along with, and I’m not kidding you, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at any retail store. Although I was only looking at jeans, she chose a few tops for me to try on so it was easier to visualize the jeans. She did not say things like “Those look great on you” or whatever the typical retail chick says, but helped me as if she was shopping with me, and sharing her expertise with me. It was just a really pleasant experience (which of course, encouraged me to buy a pair of Silver Jeans and even one of the tops she recommended me to try on). 

Now for some less-pleasant news, wisdom teeth removal. The surgery itself was extremely successful. :) As for the recovery.. it’s been steady. I haven’t been having too much pain, with the help of the drugs, but my jaw does get sore from time to time. It’s Day 5 now. I still can’t eat solid foods, but luckily I’ve found some great alternatives –

soup – ANY soup is great. with noodles? even better! (rice noodles, ramen, etc). I’ve taken a huge liking to soups, actually. On the contrary, congee hasn’t been that kind to me. Its tastelessness isn’t much help. I’ve also eaten rice with curry, another great soft food meal. But cold drinks are always the number one choice. Oh, and I am drinking water nonstop since build up of saliva is a very unfortunate, but common occurrence you have to deal with during the recovery.

The puffy chipmunk cheeks was an interesting experience for me, because I’ve always had a very flat face. Ahaha. So it’s fun seeing myself with a bigger, fatter face (and now I appreciate my flat, small face!) I haven’t found it too difficult to fall asleep yet, as I rely on the drowziness side effects of the drugs. But the most painful thing I’ve had to experience is the soreness of my jaw when I’m just opening my mouth a little.

In other news, my Macbook Air came in the mail earlier last week. Took about 7 business days to arrive, as I wanted a 13″ 8/256. Very satisfied so far, and the only issue Ive been having is Skype causing freeze issues (hasn’t happened recently though). I’ll do a more in-depth review in the future when I’ve used it more.

I’ve also recently discovered the beauty of Sublime Text. It’s awesome, nuff said. I use it for the exercise questions from the Udacity course I’m taking (CS 262). Although most of the theory is review to me, so far it seems to be a great way for me to relearn Python! What a wonderful language. And, Udacity, what a wonderful learning platform! They did a great job for delivery of the video series and the problem sets are interesting and not too difficult. I’m not working too avidly on it, that being said I’m still on Unit 01; but I’m learning at my own pace, which is why I’m enjoying it so far.

Branching off on this, I was contemplating on taking another online course this term (likely a science to get one over with), as I did last co-op term, but did not want to consume my time too much. The Toronto campus Renison courses also seemed like a great option, but due to lack of interest from other students, it’s probably not happening. So, yes, Udacity (and probably Coursera when I feel like taking a look at their courses) is a wonderful option. I’m glad I have something to work on prior to my work term, too, to get my web dev skills a little more up to date (and to get me coding again).

My personal projects have also been put on hiatus for a term, and will be back up and running shortly. I plan to do a -lot- of coding on this new Air. Very exciting moments to come : )

Oh, and I’d like to end on a final note – I’ll be attending the Grace Hopper Conference. I’ve been interested since first year, but the prime year for me to go is probably this year, since I won’t have school obligations and I actually have some software industry experience. I’m pretty excited! The multiple sessions and tracks that they have is kind of overwhelming, but I’m hoping to have an enjoyable time networking + learning!


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  1. Hey aimango! I was just reading this post and noticed you mentioned “taking advantage of free online courses”. I was wondering, if you could share where these online courses are from and what kind of courses you were taking! I’m actually set on going into accounting (hopefully AFM if I get in) but I’ve never taken an accounting course in high school. This kind of worries me so I wanted to take an online course to get a taste of it and perhaps see if I even like it (based on what I’ve heard, accounting’s not for everyone). Thank you so much!
    PS…sorry for the lurking!

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