Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers.

I don’t post pictures very often, but I realize it’s a lot easier to do via WordPress’ quick posts.


I was at Farah Foods today and saw this. Strawberry milkshake flavoured Whoppers? Definitely had to try. TBH they taste like the normal Whoppers with a tiny hint of Sberry.

I realize that most of my blog posts have been about school lately, and it’s not because I love school, it’s because I love to complain about school. I just had a midterm aftershock this week, and I have another round of assignments due next week. The work never ends.

I want to talk about something useful in this post though. Today I wrote my final test for STV 100, there’s no scheduled final exam so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I took this course for a few reasons. 1. Fill my List A req. 2. I knew a few upper years in the course 3. The course actually seemed very interesting from the impression I got in the first lecture. Now you might think I’m going to start bashing on it from the way I am approaching this topic from. But it was a pretty interesting course overall, and made me think about the world differently. The course was a mix of history, psychology, and philosophy. I say this without ever taking a course in psychology or philosophy (haha), but it really does bring a good mix of topics. It makes you think about why people do things and why decisions are made, what factors affect who. It’s a course that requires a lot of open-mindedness.

The only issue I had with the course was that the assignment questions and test questions  were not normal essay questions that you answer on any English test. One single question consists of up to 5 actual questions meant to make you think about the topic at hand (to tell you what you should consider when writing), making it seem like you have to write 5 essays and mold it into one. Perhaps I’ve been taking too many left-brain courses to think deeply and creatively. So all in all, it’s not a bird course, if you were wondering. You definitely get a lot out of it, but the effort you put in may not be worth it due to the nature of the course, and the extra thought process that you need to put in to your submissions. I think if I got to go back in time, I would take advantage of Office Hours or emailing the prof to see if I was in the right direction for the assignments. But nbd, a mark is a mark.

The other thing I wanted to complain about is fairness in friendships. Unfortunately this also relates to school (just warning you in case you don’t want to be bored). If I don’t want people to ask for my notes constantly because they always skip class, does that make me a bad person? Would the other person understand that I’m tired of them getting the easy way out? They’re not stupid. They understand that the best way to succeed in school is to keep up with class. But they can’t really help it. They play games, don’t have a proper sleep schedule, and cram it all in the last minute. Sure, as a friend, I am willing to help out. But isn’t there some sort of borderline?

So then… what’s wrong with sharing and caring? I’m sure we all had the mentality at some point – if there is competition, then why assist your enemies? I think I’ve lost this way of thinking starting in 2A, when we had Logic and Computation. Run by Toman. Speaking of him, drop the course if you ever end up in his class. I won’t go into much detail but you will grow hatred towards the course if you are taught by him. Anyways, once that course came along, it soon hit me that I can no longer just sit around and figure things out by myself. I mean sure, there is merit to completing an assignment by yourself, a sense of accomplishment and pride (that is, if you actually did the questions correctly). But when you’re stuck in a rut and need to collaborate, when you have 3 other assignments due in the same week, when you’re stressed, you want to feed stress off of each other. Not saying this in a bad way, but just realizing how much more beneficial collaboration was to me. And no, I do not mean copying. I mean asking people questions and understanding their thinking.

I’m actually known as a person who always asked teachers questions, well.. not to be annoying , but just to clarify. Get myself on the right foot. And no teacher rejected that from me at all. I don’t always have time or remember to go ask the prof questions, but email is the way to go and Piazza has been a very good tool introduced to us this term, too.

So back to the original topic, fairness in friendships. To sum it up, I don’t really care about marks anymore, in terms of doing better than most people. I’ve concluded that that’s pretty much impossible due to the intelligence surrounding me daily. I still do set some expectations for myself, but if others are willing to help me, I will help them. There is just a limit to how unreasonable someone can be, and I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t be partners for a project with a close friend, esp if you think they might not do their part, or will take you for granted.

It’s actually funny how many relationship help threads there are out there, but friendship is just as important, if not more.


With that , I will end on a todo list for August ’12:

-do somewhat decent on finals

-find a place to live in TO -_- (very hard to find 4 month sublets in Toronto during a fall term)

-buy more groceries and cook!

-get them wisdom teeth pulled out -> afraid of the recovery time, hopefully won’t be too painful.

-prep for co-op. Relearn some web dev and catch on to what I’ve been missing out on.

-watch dramas. I haven’t watched any in almost a year due to my lack of decent internet last co-op term.

-listen to new kpop and cpop. it’s been awhile.

-practice my Mandarin. I’ve been losing touch again.

-get my MacBook Air :)

-continue WinPhone development? we’ll see if I’m not lazy

-see 2NE1 in Jersey :D (I really want to go, hopefully I am able to)