It’s that time of year again..

Info Sessions, Resumes, Interviews, Jobmine.

My new diet consists information session snacks and food. There are not a lot of people on campus this term, so the lineups are short and there is usually twice enough food to feed the crowd (also means more swag).

So I spent 3 or 4 hours fixing up my resume yesterday – adding new things and changing the design up by a cinch. Check it out here. So I’ve always thought it was weird to share my home addr. online, cause I mean 1. I’m calling for stalkers and 2. no one really does snail mail for interviews, and once you really get the job, you provide your temp or permanent address to HR anyway. The boyfriend informed me, however, that it’s still useful to put an address on your resume, to show that you’re a real person. You could probably go google about this, but I thought it made sense. So I kept the address.

Anyways, I also spent another 2 hours this morning fixing HTML errors that Jobmine was giving me. Apparently they are finally going to accept PDFs next term, I really can’t wait til then. (For those who do not know, Jobmine only accepts HTML format, causing resumes to look pitiful and ugly if you don’t format it right).

So the resume’s perfect, I finally updated some GitHub things for my Projects… now I have to apply again. This term there are about 900 postings for Software Eng + CS combined. My main goal for Fall ’12 term is to stay in the KW area. I know, it sounds crazy. I had such a great time in SF and now I want to stay in boring old Waterloo. Well, my parents actually live in Kitchener (for those who took a look @ my resume, you would know :P) But anyways, I really want to stay at home for a term. So this is how I’ll do it. Plus the boyfriend is off-stream, and a bunch of non-engineer friends will be on campus. So, why not.

The scary thing is, all these awesome companies are posting on Jobmine now. Facebook, Twitter, Google are the usuals. But I saw Evernote and Pinterest. And I went what?! Pretty crazy that they even know about our school.

So I could not help myself, I shortlisted 127 jobs, but can only apply to 50. Now I really don’t want to apply to 50, considering what happened to me last year (23 of them wanted to interview me, this was all within 4 ish weeks, where 1 or 2 of the weeks I had midterms). So I want to cap it at 30. Hopefully 30…

Unfortunately this will be a really busy week for me – 3 assignments due on Fri (CS,CS,Math), Technical Preso on Monday (haven’t started prepping at all), Jobmine applying, possible interview with company I will not name, and attending more information sessions. Oh, life.