Favourite Android Apps

I decided to re-do this post, considering that I actually had a smartphone last term to play with. Here are some awesome apps that will keep you busy:

Social Networking

I will not talk about the obvious Facebook and Twitter.

Foursquare. To sum it up, Foursquare is a Check-In game between you and your friends. It’s like Yelp, but has a larger social interaction experience.

First hearing about it in Sept of last year. Had no idea what the point of it was because I registered through the website (which, at the time had no features at all). About 4 months later, I found out why it was awesome – it’s a social phenomenon. But only on mobile. It’s HUGE in San Francisco. I actually used it to explore a neighborhood (Hayes Valley) during my time in SF. It’s addicting, and fun. Unfortunately it’s not as exciting if you live in a small town, though.

Path. It’s similar to Facebook… but more of a personal journal comprised of ‘moments’. You can tell your friends what’s on your mind, what song’s stuck in your head, where you’re at (check-in), share a photo, or mark down when you’re sleeping + awake. Pretty fun app if you have enough friends using it.

Instagram: I started using this more when the Android version came out. Snap photos and make them pretty in an instant – how convenient! I also love that there is a simple social networking component to it too. I’m really hoping that Facebook will improve their Photos feature based on Instagram’s current platform.

Kik Messenger: Used this for 4 months to text free with the boyfriend. It’s a pretty reliable messaging app, and has features on the side including photo-sharing and sketching.

Me and my bf actually surveyed a bunch of different messaging apps, and found that this one was the most stable (our testing was mainly based on the fact that he had an unlocked iPhone, so relied on a wifi connection).


Evernote. Note taking application. I use it to keep track of tasks and todos, and I’ve started using it for lecture note taking. The mobile version is great for on the go.

Lookout Mobile Security: Yes, I’m going to recommend the app I worked on ;) Many people take mobile technology for granted. You may think “viruses on a phone? Pfft.” No, seriously, keep your devices safe. Lookout’s rated as a top-tier security application according to AV-Test. And it’s more than just anti-virus, there’s Missing Device features (similar to iPhone’s FInd My Phone), Safe Browsing, and Backup features. Check it out.

Dropbox: Definitely recommended. Although there are a couple other file storage via cloud options around like Minus and of course, Google Drive that offer more storage space.


I hesitated on this category, because I’m not much of a gamer.

1. Scramble with Friends. A game made by the evil empire (Zynga). It’s a pretty fun arcade style version of Words with Friends. You get 2 min to compose as many words as you can from a 4×4 matrix of letters. It’s fairly bug-free, and addicting.

2. Where’s My Water? a Strategy/Puzzle game. The user needs to create a path in a sewage system to provide clean water to a crocodile in a decent amount of time. This is similar to Cut the Rope type of games. There are many stages and they created an interesting implementation of physics and user interaction.

3. Traffic Rush. another puzzle game: control traffic and make sure vehicles don’t crash into each other. A fun, multitouch/multitasking game. Great for those <15-min subway rides.

More to come..