Reaction to: Time Traveller’s Wife

What a beautifully written novel. I really enjoyed reading the time traveling twists and the story of Henry and Clare. Although the timestamp format is quite confusing, I became used to it. I would totally do some bookmarking if I had the physical book, but I read it on my eReader (which has bookmarks also, but I was too entranced to take notes). Even the side characters had such strong personalities, I really feel like I was pulled in the world of Henry & Clare. What was really agonizing was the last 100 pages. Things really turn upside down around there, and it pained me to read about all of the emotional stress and troubles that the two were facing. Of course on the underlying surface, this is a romance novel, but I feel like the author wrote it in a way of a suspense story, added with the time-travelling scifi. She did a very good job of foreshadowing things, although there were a couple surprises, as well.

As soon as I finished the book, I did have a few confused thoughts about some important events that occurred in the book, so (as I always seem to do), I searched up some discussions about the book, and low and behold – I got a bunch. I spent a few hours reading through all of the comments, and also stumbled upon a certain Q&A topic with the author. I’m still reading through all 21 pages :)

I don’t think there are spoiler tags on WordPress, so I will indicate right now that there are spoilers in the following paragraphs —

I was so happy for the two when we hear about Henry’s meeting with future Alba. She’s a wonderful character that brings innocence back to the novel for a little bit, It’s too bad we didn’t have so much exposure of her, but I’m sure there are tons of fanfics out there (that I plan to read!)

There are many discussions on confusion of Henry’s death. It was well written, although confusing to me as well in the beginning. It’s hard to believe such coincidences happening, and I wonder if anyone actually ever knows how exactly Henry died.. and if Mark/dad ever gets told about it.

As other people have stated around the intarweb, the author depicts time-traveling as a horrid occurrence, that trying to change the past will never, and should never happen. It’s definitely pitiful that Henry has to go through a life of unknown and lack of control. The most devastating thing was him getting a frostbite, and losing the most important asset of his body – the feet.

Clare is so patient and understanding. From the novel, I can imagine what it would be like to have a relationship with a man that would disappear at any moment, yet I can’t. Her patience and persistance with having a child with Henry is also very agonizing to read. It’s surprising that her 7th child survives, and she was actually impregnated by a Henry from the past – which was a very surprising twist.

It’s too bad Richard and Henry never had a great relationship, but Alba definitely cured Richard of his loss.

During the scene where Henry teleports to the day that Ingrid commits suicide – at the very last moment when she pulled the trigger, I was afraid  that -that- was how he died (which.. would not make sense because the scene of future Henry’s death came right before this… but I was still in a confused-but-wanting-to-read-ahead state).

So that was my Sunday, just spent some time finishing up a novel that I started exactly 1 month ago. I read 1/3 of it today, and the other 2/3 was a scattering throughout the month. I am planning to read a few more novels since I have the time this term, I really need to finish up Mockingjay before I watch the first Hunger Games movie.

Oh, and I mentioned earlier that I was reading on an eReader. I bought a Sony PRS-T1 a month ago when it was on sale, and do not regret it at all. I’m planning to do a review on it in a bit.

Oh, and I plan on watching the movie version of this novel, even though I’ve heard that it received bad ratings.