San Francisco & Lookout

I’ve been in San Francisco for less than 3 days, and I already love it! The weather is amazing, and there’s so much to do and see. I’m staying around Union Square, which is a very busy part of the Bay area. Herbert Hotel isn’t the greatest, but definitely suits my needs.

I actually left Canada while it was warm (about -10 celcius = 14 fahrenheit), and now it’s a Real Feel of -30 celsius = -22 fahrenheit. I don’t think people who live near the equator can even imagine negative weather, but that’s extremely cold! I’m glad I can escape it for 4 months.

Today was my first day of work at a company called Lookout. I was seated near the back, beside the windows. Beautiful view from the 4th floor btw. A lot of setup, administrative, and HR stuff happened for me today, also met a lot of faces which I will hopefully pin down the names to within these next few months. So the first gift that I received at work was about 2 dozen cupcakes for me to have and share with my co-workers, as they greeted me throughout the day. They were extremely delicious and it’s too bad I was very full from my lunch – because I would have finished the rest of them!

I enjoy the work environment already, so far it seems very similar to my previous co-op term in terms of how people communicate and how open we are. I am still unsure about what I’ll be working on, to be honest I am willing to work on anything as long as I am learning something :) Loving my Macbook Pro, even though it is a little on the large side I think I will manage.

Soon to have an Atrix for my personal and work use – they let me choose which phone I preferred… My mom would have told me to get an iPhone, others the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus… well I just wanted an Android Phone that had decent specs that could fit in my hand. which is not any phone that has screen size greater than 4.1″. Maybe I should have gotten an iPhone, but the fact that I already have an iPod touch (that I already frequently use) already let me cross out that choice. So yes, it was the Atrix.

Hoping I am able to blog more given the increased amount of free time I’ll have this term!


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