4 down, 2 to go. Today was SE212/CS245, and let’s just say.. I hope I pass. The course is really 50/50 because even though it was open-book, even with 3 minds combined, we’d still be far from the correct answers. Hoping to ride the bell on that one.

My 3 previous exams went pretty well overall, but I’m a little worried for the next 2. This term has just been very tiring. and I can’t wait to be done.

San Francisco in about 2 weeks : )

My plans for the Xmas break:

Well, I won’t even have 2 weeks so I have to plan this carefully..
-catch up in a few series
-Boxing Day shopping
-seeing friends before I go away for 4 months
-plan, organize my trip next term
-move out
-spend lots and lots of time with family
-get a haircut, and