A Month of Stress.

I really did not expect myself to receive 23 interviews within my ~54 applications (in both 1st and 2nd postings of 1st round), but it happened. Some days I had 3 or 4 interviews. Now the nice thing about my schedule this term is that I have a lot of breaks, especially in the morning, which really helped me with scheduling interviews during non-class hours. In the end. I’m not really sure if this was a good thing, because I would end up going to class right after interviews with very little focus.

This whole month of October was extremely stressful, especially within the past 2 weeks – 5 midterms, and a majority of my interviews being held, too.

I’ll admit, I eventually got the hang of walking into an interview, talking about myself, faced with one or two technical interviews that I might have struggled with. But it was definitely.. a stress ball. Very glad it is over though, and I got the position I wanted. Excited to say I’m heading to San Francisco this summer :)

I’m really hoping to catch up on all of my courses for the next month and a bit.. hoping to do amazing on finals and totally surpass my terrible midterm results.