Stress, Goals, and Social Networking Talk.


I do not frequently do allnighters but it seems to be happening more often than necessary. I have an assignment that I need to hand in before 830am today, and due to my past records, I’ve found out that I’m better off staying up than napping for 3 hours.

It’s been a busy week of challenging assignments, co-op information sessions, club meetings, and interviews. Interviews already?! I think I just had my first technical interview.

I guess I was pretty unprepared, because I was given the apparently common “What does the browser do when you click on a link” question. All in all, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but it was great practice for the upcoming interviews.

In other news, I attended the TWSA general meeting yesterday. Although the setup was not the greatest, I did meet a few new people and had fun at their little carnival games. Drawing for 5 minutes straight for Pictionary was quite exciting.

Random moment of the day: As I was waiting for my friends to finish buying posters from the great SLC Poster Sale, I sat down on one of the comfy couches to the side, and a girl asked me about pre-enrollment for Winter ’12. I really wanted to tell her I wasn’t going to be here for Winter ’12 so I didn’t know why she wasn’t able to enter pre-enrollment. So I didn’t say much and that was that.


In the summer, I made a lot of goals to do things I never got to do during first year, due to the lack of free time I had. Now I’m going to make goals for the Fall term:

0. Have fun.

1. Recover all of my memory of web development, object oriented, data structures, basic algorithms.

2. Recover memory of syntax used by various prog. langs.

3. Do decent in CS 241 + ECE 222.

4. Pass SE 212/CS 245.


6. What’s left – Oh STATs. I really don’t know what to expect for this course as it is currently all review.. but I expect the prof to challenge us.

7. Meet many new faces, and keep in touch with them for the rest of my school years.

8. Eat healthy and sleep well (obviously was not able to accomplish this today).

9. Become more and more familiar with Ubuntu. I am still bothered by how the windows behave. But Wobbly Windows are very cool, and purple Terminal is awesome.

10. Work out more. I’ve become lazy..

11. Use my Xoom more. I’ve been using my laptop all week so I could do CS assignments between breaks, but it really wasn’t as necessary.


I’m catching onto the Twitter wave. To be honest, I barely used it until recently. I’ve followed some celebs and close friends but I never found that useful. Nowadays my friends do not respond to my Facebook posts, but rather they want me to reply to their Tweets. I’m not sure if I should call it inefficient, although it is much quicker on mobile devices.

I still prefer Facebook statuses over tweeting anyday, and instead of calling people out by mentioning them, I would rather private message or send them a wallpost on Facebook.


Became public over a week ago. To me, there is very little user activity on my news feed due to the fact that they made invitations so limited. Although I like the features that Google+ has, I still use Facebook over G+. Although, watching Facebook react to G+ is pretty entertaining. The G+ apps for both iOS and Android are a LOT better than the Facebook apps. I still am not sure why Facebook isn’t fixing major problems and adding feature requests to the current mobile apps, and instead spent their time creating a separate Messenger application just for Facebook messaging.