new arrivals. & other blurbs

So earlier this week, I got my Yesasia package in the mail (finally!) There was a 2 week delay due to an out of stock product t that my friend wanted. I only got one thing – 2NE1 mini album 2.  The hype slightly died down since it’s been awhile, but I thought I’d buy it just to support my favourite girl group. The CD came with a bunch of square sized postcards with cartoon-style images of the 4 members (as seen in their MV, Hate You). It also came with a YGFamily Member card, which confused me. I don’t read Korean, so I’m not really sure what it’s for. … Never mind, found some information:

HQ images:


Just a few of the postcards : ) and the YG Family Card.

They’ve been releasing good songs all summer, and now debuting in Japan. I wish them good luck, although personally I want them to keep things in Korea.

In other entertainment news, there’s a new Taiwanese drama with Ariel Lin. It’s a different flavour of drama, showing more of a work life, though the first episode had a long flashback to a high school scene. The funny thing is that all summer, I’ve been watching a ton of new dramas involving people in their late 20s. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence with the trends, or just me stumbling upon more “mature” dramas. They’re usually a lot more worthwhile to watch, since they’re less predictable (at least to me, since I’m not even in my 20s yet).

I also just recently finished Scent of a Woman, a Korean cancer drama. No no, it’s not your typical cancer drama. It was very well filmed, and the ending was very realistic. Many many sad moments, and you really come to see everything in different POVs (great directing). The ties with Salsa were great, definitely spiced up the drama. This one is up there on my list, but still nothing compares to Can you Hear my Heart. My top favourite for the year.

The last movie I watched was How to Train your Dragon (2010). It was a pretty cute kids movie, good animations and storyline, although predictable for the most part.

I was planning to catch up to some manga this summer, but it never happened. Time just flew by.

Also got my G license in the mail today, apparently there’s still an expiry date. Well that’s interesting. I’m expecting a few Blackberry accessories to come in later in the week, too, wondering when they’re going to come in..

Clubs day was late last week, it was as crowded as Night it Up in some sections, but wasn’t too terrible. Signed up for a variety of clubs including TWSA, Poker, Mobile, VSA, FOCUS, and Web Design. I’m a little more motivated to meet new people this year, a little nervous but a little excited.