First posts.

I woke up at noon today, and still cannot sleep.. during my never-ending thought process lying there on my bed… I thought of finally making a public blog! I mean, after all, I should showcase my powerful writing skills developed throughout high school (or at least keep them up due to my lack of university courses that require essay writing..)

So a bunch of random thoughts just came to mind about what my first post should be, and I just updated a bunch of sections at once on this ‘thingy’.. so to make things more organized, I will just post all random thoughts here:

So, I’m a 2nd year in SoftEng. It’s a one of a kind degree (from what I know). since we don’t actually get a BASc! we get a BSE. Anyways, you might immediately assume I’m some nerd who spends a lot of time coding or something (well, what is the normal stereotype these days?). To be completely honest, I find it hard to start my own personal project if there is no incentive coming out of it. Most of the time I would code if someone else is there telling me what to do, or helping me out. I get scared when I don’t have direction! I mean, I’ve been really motivated to learn the basics of a new language, but to go further with it is always challenging. I guess my mindset comes from my high school CS background – my CS teacher taught in a very self-teaching way. He basically did very little teaching and let his students run wild. For awhile this was fun, but as I got to grade 12 CS, I found that I didn’t learn as much as I could have due to his teaching style.

On the contrary, I love learning if I’m being thrown into it. Being guided or given expectations is what I’m most used to. I always love participating in team projects. It helps me learn from others, as most of the time people are willing to ramp me up. That’s why I’m really looking forward to a real Software Engineering position in my next co-op term (fingers crossed).. So employers reading this, don’t let the prev. paragraph hinder your choice!